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Harassment and torture of the students and doctors at KEMU

The university admin of KEMU is planning to cancel the allotments of students and doctors residing in a block of Boys Hostel of the university namely, Broom Hostel, and shifting them to another block namely, Hall road hostel that is already completely filled with the doctors serving in Mayo hospital. They are doing so to shift the female students of the university in that block. Following are highlighted reservations of the students:
1- The admin is doing so in the very critical days of annual examinations of the university which is quite unethical..
2- The University admin is restraining from building some new hostels for the female students and getting the old ones repaired.. The issues of present hostels including household utilities are not still settled, as female students are suffering from extreme gas shortage.

3- The security of boys hostels is already compromised and almost daily cases of street crimes as well as thefts and robberies are witnessed in and around the hostel premises. Shifting of females in such an environment will be pathetic a decision and in the long run will culminates into events derogating the university fame.
4- The University admin is least concerned with the issues of students, just focusing on useless and corruption filled projects as that of Advance Diagnostic lab and Research center that has not been opened since its inauguration.

YDA officials, students and doctors of KEMU and Mayo hospital ask the university admin to revert its decision and fulfill the demands of students in a proper way, having consensus of the students and doctors working at KEMU and Mayo Hospital Lahore. YDA students wing at KEMU also appeals to the health department of Punjab Govt, CM Punjab and the worthy Governor of Punjab to look into the matter seriously and save the students and doctors from this suffering. And also demand a newly constructed hostel for the accomodation of female students of KEMU.

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