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Free media to perform Umra free of cost

Lahore: Finally the PIA Pubic Affair department succeeded to get duty visa for 20 Karachi Based Journalists whom they want to take them to Saudi Arabia on a luxurious Umrah Trip by spending millions of rupees on this trip.
According to media reports, the visit was schedule on 29th Oct this month but was delayed for two days and now the group of selected Journalists will leave the country to   Saudi Arabia on 1st November  evening.
 The man behind for preparing such luxuries trip for journalists was not only but the Public Affair department General Manager Sultan Hassan and his right hand men Yousuf Khan and Sameer.
Sultan Hassan has full control on the MD and Chairman and whatever he wants to plan he does it and easily gets approval of all the budgets and plan.
The Newly appointed MD Captain Javed Younus who was just acting MD before but due to Sultan closeness with him he approved the visit and expenditure on the Journalists before his confirmation and now as he was confirmed on his post he added more luxuries for the visiting  group  which will be headed by Sultan Hassan.
It is surprising as the Umrah visa not yet opened but the PIA with fake statements get the duty visas for journalists and no one question how come Journalists going on duty visa with PIA as they are not PIA staff . But everything is possible in this country and like clever minded Sultan anything   gets possible in PIA to bribe journalists on this or other ways.
The national airline, which is facing a financial crisis and shortage of planes, has recently been given billions of rupees in funds to meet day-to-day expenses and overhaul its fleet with new aircraft.
This year the PIA even facing severe financial crisis obliged the media with the foreign trips which include SRI Lanka and Saudi Arabia and surprisingly another trip was in pipe line after that  to oblige the journalist for the sake of  keeping them silent on exposing the issue in the PIA which taking the national carrier near  to collapse.
The Public Affair department GM and the Manager involved in making such trips for the media as with this they also get chance to enjoy the foreign trips on the expenses of the airline.
The Karachi based Journalists who were selected for the trip were those who have close link with the General Manager Sultan Hassan  of Public Affair of PIA and the Manager Yousuf Khan and Sameer.
 Those Journalists who expose the corruption and other issue in the airline were totally ignored just because they are not useful for the Public Affair department of the airline.
PPP Government is aware of all such issue? Who is behind such foreign trip which giving more losses to the national carrier?
Who approved the recent visit for 15 days with luxuries stay in the five star hotels?
 It is learnt that the visit for the Saudi Arabia was confirmed now the group of selected Journalists along with Public Affair department people will leave on Nov 1 by PIA flight in evening.
The question arise the  why the newly appointed  MD  has given the approval for such a luxuries visit as the Airline already  facing financial crises and taking help in finance from Federal Government ?
What is the cause of making such visits?   Is PIA Public Affair work is to bribe Journalist for the sake of hiding their weakness or it’s a part of Government policy?
It is said that in planned visit to SA the PIA will spend more than 20 millions just for their entertainment?  And to perform Umrah even the journalists were on duty visas.
The reason for spending millions of such trips was not for the betterments of the airline but it’s  because PIA GM Sultan want to oblige his friends?

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