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PML-N is using delaying tactics in the name of judicial commission:PTI

Lahore: Terming the judgement historic, Central Information Secretary PTI Shafqat Mahmood said that the party strongly endorses the Supreme Court judgment inn Asghar Khan Case. He said that this judgment has the potential to completely change the way politics is conducted in Pakistan. For one it has starkly brought out in the open the murky role of Intelligence agencies in politics. By holding the people involved accountable, the SC judgment has reduced if not eliminated the possibility of intelligence agencies interfereing in the political process. Secondly, Shafqat Mahmood said, by ordering the government to proceed against those who either gave this money illegally or received it, the possibility emerges that those involved in manipulating the political process would pay for their sins. Thirdly, he said, that by holding political cells in the Presidency illegal and unconstitutional, this judgment ensures that the Presidency will revert to its constitutional role of being above politics.

Shafqat Mahmood said that the real challenge now is the correct and quick implementation of the Supreme Court decision. There is little doubt that Aslam Beg was the main culprit who through use of money and intelligence agencies tried to manipulate the political process. However the politicians who took the money are no less culpable. Among them Mr. Nawaz Sharif is the most prominent. PML N has disingenuously suggested a complicated process of a judicial commission to determine whether politicians took money or not. These are delaying tactics knowing full well that a judicial commission would not have the ability or the skill to investigate these crimes in detail. The direction of the Supreme Court that FIA should investigate is correct because as a professional investigative agency it can carry out this task quickly and effectively. Since it would be working under the direction of the Supreme Court it would be outside political influence. It is therefore essential that government proceeds quickly to implement the SC decision and does not get sidetracked by delaying tactics of PMLN.

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