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JI appreciates Zardari for ruling out operation in NWA

Lahore: has said that President Zardari’s ruling out military operation in North Waziristan sans national consensus had finally ended the unrest among the masses on this score.

He was commenting on the President’s statement that a new military operation needed national consensus which was practically impossible. The JI Ameer said that had the government heeded to the nation’s voice before jumping into the alien’s war and launching military operations in Swat, Balochistan and the tribal areas, the country would not have reached the present mess, nor would have lost its 42,000 citizens, nor suffered financial losses to the tune of one hundred billion dollars.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that the government had finally accepted that military operation was not the solution of the situation. He said, if the US could hold dialogue with the Taliban, why could not Pakistan.

He said that the national consensus and harmony were vital for the restoration of peace. He said, had President Zardari picked up courage and also announced pulling out of the US war and of taking all decision in line with the country’s solidarity and sovereignty, it would have given a real happiness to the nation on the occasion of Eid ul Azha and the shameful process of sacrificing national interest for the US interest would have come to an end.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that President Zardari had also acknowledged China’s unwavering support to this country in the hours of trial. China, he said, had proved herself a real friend and well wisher to this country. However, he said, even China had been complaining of the slavish mentality of the Pakistani rulers and their corruption.

The JI Ameer said Iran had correctly held Islamabad responsible for the delay in the Pak-Iran gas pipeline project and said that the Pakistani rulers were obstructing this project with a friendly country only due to US pressure. He said it was the start of winter but gas pressure had already reduced and the concerned ministry was giving the news of prolonged gas load shedding and closure.

The JI Ameer impressed upon the federal government to reject the US pressure and go ahead with the gas project with Iran and reject the US dictation in the future. It was unfortunate, he said that after entering into trade pact with our sworn enemy India, the rulers were now talking of importing POL from India, thereby distancing ourselves from Iran.

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