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My Son-in-law Ali Imran will have to face the law:CM Punjab

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has directed the administration to also include his son-in-law Imran Ali in the investigation of bakery case in Defence. In his directive to IG Police, the Chief Minister said that he has strongly believed in the rule of law throughout his life and in his capacity as Chief Minister of Punjab, he considers himself as answerable to Allah Almighty and the people of the province. He said it is an article of his faith that no one is above the law, even if he is related to the ruler of the province. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif directed that demands of justice and equality must be met in this case at all cost.

Meanwhile son in law of CM Punjab appeared in front of SP Investigation Cantt where he was told that he should appear to Investigation Officer in Police Station Defence B where the FIR was lodged.

DIG Investigation Chaudary Shafique Ahmed and DIG Operation Rai Tahir Ahmed were also present at SP Investigation Cantt office. Ali Imran while giving his statement said he was not involved in any crime as his wife’s security guards were booked in FIR so he takes all the responsibility and is ready to face consequences. The cops who were doing duty with her wife did nothing wrong. The bakery boy misbehaved with his wife, that is why cops taught him a lesson. The cops did not commit any crime, they just did their duty to protect his wife. It was just a mere incident and no FIR should be lodged on it.

After the listening his Ali’s statement police officers asked him to appear before the IO (Investigation Officer). Later he moved towards Police Station Defence B and recorded his statement before the IO. It was a different kind of case in which police’s top brass reached everywhere before Ali Imran and managed his protocol. Ali Imran remained in the police station for several hours and till writing of these lines he was in police station.
On the other hand the cops who were arrested in this case, released on bail. Ali Imran is declared the accused of supporting the criminals.

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