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Matter of promotion of General cadre Doctors must be prioritized. GCDA

Lahore: During hearing of “Service Structure” case of doctors General Cadre Doctor’s Association (GCDA) council Mian Ehsan Ul Haq Sajid requested the Learned high court that issue of promotion’s of General Cadre Doctors, who are major stake holders, with their strength more than 14000 across Punjab, should be prioritized. Mian Ehsan Ul Haq argued that the policies of previous governments have crashed health delivery system of Punjab, and it is the time for its revival. Who ever will do so will get the credit, and it seems that government, who have put so much efforts in revamping of service structure will not let it wasted. While briefing the court Mian Ehsan said that many of the issues have been in a process of solution and some needs fine tuning & further discussion. This is a very serious matter and must come to a logical end. He added that the general cadre doctors abide bye the rulings of supreme court and high court and are always there to help poor patients of this province, but at the same time we expect that issue pertaining to promotions and other key matters of general cadre doctors be solves at an earliest.

The practical solution to the issue is that the doctors served for more than 16 years and deserve to be promoted to grade 20, based on their length of service should at least they should be promoted to grade 19, similarly deadlock at the level of Grade19 should be Cleared. He said consensus has been made that doctors having fellowship will be given an allowance equivalent to PhD while those degrees having equivalence to MPhil ill be given the allowance equivalent to MPhil. Similarly a window of promotion will be kept open for general cadre doctors with 50 % seats of the specialist and 25% seats of consultants to be given for general cadre doctors. Now the main focus should be on the promotion of general cadre doctors and delay in promotion from grade 17 to 18 which has resulted in creating dissatisfaction amongst the General cadre doctors should be rectified with their promoting to grade 19. The president GCDA Dr Masood Akhtar sheikh, Dr Rana Rafique, Dr Arif and other executive members were also present there.

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