Thursday , June 21 2018
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Javed Badr’s membership suspended from PTI

Lahore: Chairman PTI, Imran Khan has suspended the basic membership of Javed Badr, pretending to be Media Coordinator Punjab, for impersonation and gross violation of party discipline.

According to information secretary punjab Andleeb Abbass as per our previously issued press release we reiterate that, Javed Badr has not been appointed as media coordinator and is fraudulently issuing press releases on behalf of the party. The person does not hold any such position and he himself has been quoted as saying that no one appointed him. His actions have no sanction or approval of the party and especially of those on whose behalf he has issued a statement, which again is a fraud.

Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali, Umar Sarfarz Cheema, Mohammad Madni, M. Rafiq Nisar, Amin Zaki, Dr. Shahid Siddique, Baber Mehdi and Sadia Sohail have all denied having been consulted for this statement or being a party to it. The media is once again requested to not take anything said or issued by him as a reflection of PTI policy.

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