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Government has no plan to address militancy in Pakistan:Imran Khan

Islamabad: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has said that other then Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf no other party or the government has any plan to resolve the problem of militancy in Pakistan.While addressing a press conference, He said that PTI has been emphasising for the last many years that peace is only possible if negotiations and the use of force are all part of a political process. A military operation that is not one element of a larger political process would never work. He said that no one can possibly condone terrorism. Referring to the Malala case Imran Khan said that he had immediately visited Peshawar to visit Malala in the hospital and had condemned the Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) for committing this terrible act. Despite this some vested interests have been distorting the PTI message to convey the impression that the party and Imran Khan are pro Taliban.

Chairman Tehreek Insaf said that without a comprehensive peace plan militancy would never go down. He said that sporadic peace talks and military operations without a proper plan have resulted in the militancy going up rather than going down. He said giving peace a chance would wean away a large number of those who have taken up militancy because they were the victims of the so called collateral damage as a result of drone attacks and military operations. We have to ensure, he said, that we reach out to the tribes to integrate them into a larger peace plan. If a genuine peace process in initiated a large number of those who are now militants would join it. After wards those who are irreconcilable can be dealt through a military operation.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan said that his party has taken the message of peace to Karachi, to Quetta and lately to Waziristan. It is only through reaching out to the people of these areas that it is possible to reduce violence and move towards a comprehensive peace.

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