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Situation in the country is critical,Shahbaz Sharif talks to Intellectuals

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has that the situation in the country is critical and its image is being tarnished. He said that despite being a nuclear power Pakistani rulers are running around in the world with a begging bowl. He said that federal rulers have set new records of corruption during the last four and a half years and ruined the country. He said that extremism, corruption and loadshedding are the major issues of the country and no one else can be blamed as all members of the society are equally responsible for the situation and will have to make collective efforts for making Pakistan a developed and prosperous country. He said that there is a need to adopt a national thinking on national issues. He said that if decisions were not made in the national interest at this stage, there will be nothing left but sorrow and remorse.

These viewed were expressed by him while talking to intellectuals, writers, poets and columnists from all the four provinces attending National Literary and Cultural Conference during a meeting, here today. The Chief Minister said that there is a need for dialogue, collective wisdom and joint efforts in the country and the role of intellectuals, writers and poets is very important at this stage as they can provide guidance to the rulers and the masses. He said that bloodshed in the name of religion will have to be stopped as the slayer and the slain are both Muslims. He said Daanish schools are helping in curbing the trend of extremism. He said Pakistan has sacrificed forty thousand lives in the war against terrorism. He said that Daanish schools are ‘Bullet of Education’ through which extremism can be defeated as the bullet of the gun is no solution to any problem. He said that boy and girl students of extremely poor families are being provided even better educational facilities than Aitchison College at Daanish schools. He said that it would be against justice if the children of the elite availed academic facilities in prestigious educational institutions no attention is paid to the future of the children of the poor. He said that by setting up Daanish schools, Punjab government has tried to remove injustice and deprivation in education sector and has succeeded to a great extent in this regard. He said that if the elite did not mend their ways, the destiny of the country would never be changed. He said that elite should perceive the gravity of the situation otherwise it would be too late. He said that Balochistan issue is very complex and there is a need to redress the grievances of the Balochi brethren and resolve their genuine problems. He said that the murder of Akbar Bugti during Musharraf era was a great disservice to the people of Balochistan. He said that Pakistan Muslim League-N expresses his complete solidarity with the Balochi people. He said that Punjab government took principled stance in May 2011 and refused to accept such foreign assistance as compromised national dignity and honour and more than one year has passed since but Punjab has felt no negative impact and public welfare projects are being completed expeditiously. He said that Germany, Japan and Turkey have achieved a respectable status in the comity of nations through hard work and resolution of their mutual disputes and all the three countries have become strong and prosperous and are a role model for others. He said that it is unfortunate that we are still involved in petty disputes. He said that there is a need for evolving a joint agenda with the consultation of all stakeholders on national issues.

Intellectuals, writers and poets put forward various proposals during the meeting and paid glowing tributes to Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif for his services in the social sector. Chairman Alhamra Arts Council Atta ul Haq Qasmi and a large number of intellectuals, writers, poets and columnists were present on the occasion.

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