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MQM has no mandate to collect info of the Ulema’s:Syed Munawar Hassan

Lahore: Ameer Jamaat e Islami Syed Munawar Hassan has said those who are ordering for the collection of the names of the ulema,have been failed to maintain law & order in Karachi.People are being murdered in Karachi since the MQM formed.extortion collection and target killing is the matter of routine in Karachi. Murderers and extortionist are wandering openly but no one dare to arrest them.He claimed that American agents were involved in the attack on Mallah yosafzai.

Syed Munawar Hassan questioned the MQM’s credentials to collect the information about mosque Imams and the Ulema, and the motive behind the move.

He asked on whose agenda the MQM was serving. The MQM, he said, was itself a controversial body, and there should be no such move as would add to the dissention in the country.


The JI Ameer said that certain people were trying to exploit the Malala Yousufzai incident to realize heinous designs . He said that a particular group working on the US agenda was involved in the Malala attack and that was why the issue was being propagated at international level.

While condemning the attack on Malala as inhuman and immoral, the JI Ameer took exception to the views of the intellectuals appearing on the TV and the columnists that the Malala incident should not be mixed up with the killings of innocent children in drone attacks. He said the life of every human being was sacred and no body had the right to take his life.

He said unfortunately, the drone attacks were being made with the consent of the Pakistani rulers, and that was why no voice was being raised against that. It was a strange mindset, he said, that every terrorist event was termed as religious extremism and fanaticism and a malicious campaign was begun against the mosques and the Madrissahs. This was unjustified and unfair.

The JI Ameer said that terrorism had begun in the area on the day when the US put its foot here. There had been no suicide attacks or bomb blasts in the area before that. He was sure that if the US withdraws from the area today, there would be total peace here.

He urged the masses to compel the rulers to pull out of the US war as this was the only way to restore peace.

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