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12thOctober 1999, is a black day of Pakistani history:Nawaz Sharif

President Pakistan Muslim League-N, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that if any state gets deprived of the trust and support of the people, alongwith its constitutional, legal, democratic and political role, that state is exposed before the international community, as a weak and defenseless state. He said under dictatorial rule, the state does not belong to the people, but to a single individual, who is neither an elected representative nor accountable to the parliament, due to which he has to obey the decisions of others in accordance with their vested interests.

In his statement, with reference to the military action onMuhammad Nawaz Sharif said that, on that black day, a similar tragedy happened to the democracy in Pakistan and the elected government of the people. He said on that day, through an unconstitutional and illegal action, an elected government was removed and the state was rendered weak and defenseless. He said, it was due to that erroneous decision, the world got its own decisions imposed through a dictator, who had no support of the people, and thus Pakistan was pushed into a quagmire of problems. But, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif asserted the people of Pakistan, through their determination, political consciousness, faith in democracy and belief in the political teachings of Quaid-i-Azam, eventually got back their constitution and democracy, and, it is significant to note that, the elected parliament of the people did not ratify the unconstitutional steps taken by the dictator. He said had those dictators who had flouted the constitution been tried in accordance with strict legal demands, the doors for future adventurism would have been closed. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that Pakistan today is facing manifold problems, including bad governance, inflation, unemployment, loadshedding and terrorism due to the wrong priorities and anti-people policies of the incompetent rulers. He said that he believes people of Pakistan would eventually overcome their difficulties, and, through the power of their votes, the nation would bring about a positive change.  He said that people of Pakistan have a mature political consciousness and an unshakeable belief in constitutional and democratic process, due to which Pakistani nation can be included amongst the most democratic citizens of any modern state. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said the democratic people of Pakistan believe in argument and democratic change, through balloting, instead of brute force. He said the most pertinent lesson of 12th October 1999 is that the objective of the change can only be achieved through the power of vote, and not through dictatorial grabbing of power. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that it is a matter of great satisfaction and happiness that like other civilized and democratic societies, the Pakistani nation too, adopted the legal course and Pakistan can be stabilized and democratic system can be strengthened by following democratic and civilized principles in future as well.

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