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False allegations of the N-League is like thieves making noise:

Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League senior leaders have said that false allegations of the ruling coterie of the Punjab is like thieves making noise, personal servants Ministers and Advisors of the Chief Minister cannot distort historical facts, people know very well how much progress and development was made during the tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi in all sectors including education and health in particular in the South Punjab.

Senator Kamil Ali Agha, Parliamentary leader in the Provincial Assembly Ch Zaheeruddin Khan and the Advisor to the Prime Minister Muhammad Basharat Raja in a strong rebuttal here today have said that those who had let loose reign of corruption, plunder and loot in the Punjab for five years should rather prepare themselves for their accountability for the black deeds in the coming elections instead of hurling abuses and leveling false allegations against those who show them the mirror.

The senior PML leaders said that corrupt rulers of the Punjab were shown the mirror through the Fact Sheet issued by the Pakistan Muslim League and asked the rumours company of N-League to advise their masters, involved in the loot of billions of rupees of the nationalized banks and taking date of date, to be ready to face the cases and return the plundered national wealth with profit.
They said that after being out of power the coterie of looters suffering from high blood pressure would have to avail 1122 Emergency Service introduced by Ch Parvez Elahi during his tenure whereas the Sharif Brothers would be remembered in the history as the creators of fraud and flop schemes including Sasti Roti, Jangla Bus Service and Ashiana Housing Scheme.

The PML leaders said that in order to take vindictive action against Ch Parvez Elahi, in 2008 Shahbaz Sharif had set up a Commission under his patronage but it got nothing and at last it had to be disbanded because financial irregularity of even a single pie could not be found in the historical projects launched and introduced during the tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi. They said that one of the allegations mongers Rana Sanaullah has already given a statement before the media about Rs two billion corruption of one of his colleague Minister adding that the moment, the govt. umbrella is removed, the coterie of the present rulers of the province would stand exposed before the people.

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