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Expatriate Pakistanis role in the progress of the country is vital: Shahbaz Sharif

Lahore: Chief Minister  Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has said that role of expatriate Pakistanis is of vital importance in the progress and prosperity of their country and he believes that the foreign based Pakistanis are rendering invaluable services to their country. He urged upon expatriate Pakistanis to invest in their country and fully benefit from the incentives and facilities being offered by the Punjab government. He said that Punjab government has created a conducive atmosphere for investment and all out facilities are being extended to investors on priority basis. He said that provincial government is providing all out encouragement to foreign investors in the province and maximum facilities are being given to them under one roof.

Addressing the participants of a reception hosted in his honour in London, the Chief Minister said that the role of expatriate Pakistanis in the development and progress of Pakistan is highly commendable however they should play a more effective and vibrant role for the uplift and prosperity of their country. He said that Punjab government is taking all possible steps for the improvement of law and order and special measures also been taken for the protection of life and property of investors due to which the province is emerging as a hub of safe foreign investment. He said that a number of projects of public welfare are being executed with the cooperation of Turkey, Iran and other countries. He said that UK based Pakistanis can play an important role for the progress and prosperity of Punjab through investment, collaboration and public-private partnership in different sectors. He said there is no doubt that Pakistan is rich in natural resources however it is lamentable that the nation is lagging far behind the other countries due to inefficiency and indifference of the rulers. He said that there is a need for collective efforts to put Pakistan on the road to progress and development and cooperation of overseas Pakistanis is of vital importance for this purpose.

Shahbaz Sharif further said that federal government has pushed the country into darkness due to its incompetence and corruption and despite entering into 21st century the country is still heading towards decline and downfall. The reason being is the policies of inefficient rulers to safeguard their narrow personal interests, he added. The Chief Minister said that despite the tenure of four and a half years of the current rulers, the country is still far from its goal. He said that fruit of democracy has been wasted by loot and nepotism of federal rulers. He said that worst energy crisis has halted the process of progress and development of the country. He said that federal government is showing an unjust attitude to Punjab over the issue of distribution of electricity. He said that the whole country is facing severe energy crisis but Punjab which is the most populated province of the country has been more affected by the power crisis than other provinces. Shahbaz Sharif said that without relying on the centre, generation of energy under a reliable system is on the top of the agenda of Punjab government and during his recent visit to Turkey, Britain and Germany, Punjab government has held successful negotiations for benefitting from the technology and expertise of these countries while agreements have also been reached to overcome energy problem. The Chief Minister said that besides security problems, energy shortage has become a big challenge for the country. He said that Pakistan is facing a shortfall of 6000 megawatt electricity and there is a big gap between supply and demand due to which every sector has been badly affected. He said that there are vast opportunities of generation of electricity from coal, water and hydle power while more than 500 million ton coal reserves are also available. He said that Pakistan has sunlight throughout the year and solar energy can be helpful in solving energy crisis. He said that there is wide scope in solar energy sector in Pakistan and Punjab government wants foreign companies to invest in solar energy sector. He said that important progress has been made in this direction during his visit and a German company will soon start solar energy project in Punjab.

The participants of the reception paid rich tributes to Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif or his efforts for the progress and welfare of the people and taking personal interest in resolving the problems of UK based Pakistanis. They said that Punjab is on the road to progress and prosperity under the leadership of Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif.

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