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PTI marches to Waziristan condemning illegal drone strikes

Lahore: Chairman PTI, Imran Khan, along with all senior party membership, hundreds of party workers, thousands of those who believe the party’s ideology and its stance against the illegal drone strikes and foreign delgates including Ann Marie Wright, Clive Smith, Carol Grayson and Tony Blair’s sister in law, left the limits of Islamabd and started their march towards Waziristan. The sheer volume of the contingent and the thousands who joined the motorade enroute to Waziristan is proof in its own tht the peace march and this honourable stand taken by the party is a success. What was meant to be achieved by this symbolic movemment has been achieved. Todays march has brought this humanitarian issue to the world’s attention as stated by the party Chairman whilst addressing the rally at Mianwali.

Despite warnings and threats the brave contingent made its way through Balkasar, Talagang, Chakwal, Kundian to Mianwali with huge crowds joining and receiving them with warmth and enthusiasm applauding the bold move to strive for peace in the region. At Mianwali, PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, addressed a huge rally thanking and appreciating them for showing solidarity with those who live in constant fear. Those who are our own. Imran Khan in his address also stated that inspite of all threats nothing can stop them from entering Waziristan and that this message of peace that the party and the people of Pakistan want to put across will be celebrated with the people of Waziristan. He said that, “we are a brave nation and will not refrain from raising our voice against this wrong.”

Our government has defaulted on the most basic of its duties-safeguarding its citizens-and everyone is looking towards Imran Khan to lead the effort to put an end to this undeclared and illegal war.

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