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Nawaz Sharif should give party tickets to the Baloch Leaders

Karachi: Gen ( Rtrd ) Pervez Musharraf, Chief of APML has said on that Mian Nawaz Sharif should give election tickets to those Baloch sardars (tribal chiefs) whom he meeting, he (Nawaz) would know their worth with poll results. Balochistan’s comparison with Bangladesh is not justified as Bengal was 52 percent and the Balochistan’s population is only 5 percent of the country.

He said this while talking in a TV talk show which was monitored and released from APML’s central information secretariat here on Saturday.

“Baloch Sardars are only 0.5 percent of total population of province and it is matter of very much interest that they don’t have mandate of Baloch people. There is a conspiracy hatched against Pakistan’s sovereignty and the Baloch sardars are becoming toll of it” he said.

He said that anti-Pakistan elements are engaged in Balochistan which should be treated with iron hands, and the Army in every country of world use to fight against elements like these. So that, criticism over the Pak army should be stopped, he stressed.

Pervez Musharraf said that Pakistan is only country in the world which faced criticism on its Army which is a dangerous conspiracy against it.

Opposing the dialogue with elements engaged in conspiracy of separation, former President said that they should not be negotiated but treated with iron hands. There were operation launched in Balochistan against these elements in the periods of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, Zia-ul-Haq and mine.

He said that Baloch people are not supporting the sardars, but these sardars are misguiding people against the governments for their minor interests.

Pervez Musharraf termed the sardars equally responsible for less-development in Balochistan saying that almost all sardars were remained on big slots in various governments but they did not took active part in Balochistan’s development.

He said that situation in Balochistan had no resemblance with that of East Pakistan and asserted the province would remain an integral part of Pakistan. Baloch people are also fed-up with so-called sardars and they want to be free from sardars.

“Free and fair election is only way to make free Baloch people from the clutches of sardars and Baloch people can elect their real political representatives” Pervez said.

He said that the situation of Balochistan is not that grim as shown by some Baloch leaders. They are misleading the people by showing a wrong picture of the provincePervaiz Musharraf-06-Oct

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