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Government to block the NATO supply in protest: Liaqat Baloch

Lahore:Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Liaqat Baloch has demanded of the and cut the relations with the US.

In a statement issued here at Mansoora on Saturday, he strongly criticized the western civilization and said the west had no rules and regulations including moral principles to deal with the problems being faced by the world.

He regretted that the west enacts laws for protection of animals but disregard the Muslims and keeps mum over burning of Quran and anti-Islam movies. “Massacre of thousands of innocent Muslims in Palestine, Indonesia, Iraq and Afghanistan and Shia Sunny conflicts are the gifts of western countries and the US,” he added.

He said the anti-Muslim policies of the west particularly the US have proved themselves the extremists and are hatching conspiracies to plunder the wealth and resources of the Muslim countries. “The dual standard of the US is bringing up the extremism and hatred against her as Muslims can never keep silence over the insult of the Holy Prophet,” he added.

He demanded of the US to apologize to the Muslims and hand over the blasphemous movie maker to Muslims as he could be punished in accordance with the law and Sharia.

He said federal and provincial governments of the country had failed to solve the problems of the country on all fronts. He appealed to the masses to support JI to get rid of the US slaves and establishing Sharia laws in the country.

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