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CM Shahbaz Shareef’s response to Baseless Accusation by Raja Riaz

Main Shahbaz Sharif, taking notice of the baseless accusation by Raja Riaz, has issued his personal response from UK.
CM left a message on his official facebook page:
He said, “Just got a startling news on the day start here that Raja Riaz, displaying his traditional non-seriousness, has leveled on me a baseless rather a ridiculous and funny allegation.”
He further says: I, Shahbaz Sharif, the son of Mian Sharif marhoom and the younger brother of Mian Nawaz Sharif…hold dual nationality?
I’m encouraged to note that people of Pakistan hold trust in me, and haven’t considered …
Raja’s statement worth even paying attention!!!
But my friends, let me share with you…I have been, I am, and will always be a PROUD PAKISTANI!!!!
Even during the period of the painful, forced exile in the dictator musharraf’s era & my days of severe ailment, I used to travel from Saudi Arabia to America for the cancer treatment on my Pakistani passport!!
I can’t ever think of holding another passport!! Pakistan lives in me. Pakistan is my identity!! “.

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