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PTI announces Peace March route from Lahore

held a press conference today at the Central Media Cell, Lahore where he outlined the detailed route of the Punjab contingent joining the peace march and pointed out that the march will spread a message of peace across Pakistan, besides, enabling the World to see the massive destruction caused by the drone attacks in Pakistani tribal areas.

PTI has taken the bold step to come forward and show solidarity with the people of South Waziristan who are living in perpetual threat and trauma. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman, Imran Khan has been strongly condemning US drone strikes in North Waziristan and holds that the attacks are unacceptable as they cause tremendous collateral damage and are in strict violation of human rights as reiterated in a recent report published by NYU and Stanford Law School. Through the peace march, we are talking about political settlement of this issue, as everyone including Army, tribal people and Pakistanis want return of normalcy to the region.

He stated that the Punjab contingent will leave Lahore on the 6th of October at 8:00pm and will head towards Faisalabad where it will be joined by more Karvaans from other cities in the area, and will head towards D.I. Khan. The contingent will reach D.I.Khan early in the morning from where it will move at 7:00am towards Kot Kai. The strength of the march as predicted by him will be almost 4000 to 5000 cars. The peace march is aimed to express solidarity with the people of the tribal areas and to protest against the US drone attacks. He also pointed out that the Mehsud tribe has assured security for all those participating in this bold movement and said that obstacles that are being created by the government on all levels will be countered and dealt with. For any mishap or unfortunate event that unfolds during the march the government shall be held responsible. He reiterated that the march will most definitely have a very positive impact in helping us put an end to the drone strikes and building a consensus against the US drone policies.

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