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Nawaz Sharif is doing politics on state money:Shafqat Mahmood

Lahore: Central Information Secretary Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has strongly objected to Nawaz Sharif doing politics on state money.
He said that two days ago Sharif distributed checks of two lacs each to victims of Gayari landslide and yesterday announced 2 lacs for the flood affected in Tehsil Jaffarabad Baluchistan. While no one can object to relief being provided to affected families, a question does arise regarding the money Mr. Sharif is distributing.

Is it his personal money? Is he parting with a miniscule part of the vast Sharif fortune? Or, is this PML N money? On any of these counts said Shafqat Mahmood, no one can object. But, he said, if Mr. Sharif is distributing my money – because Punjab government money belongs to me too as a citizen of the province – he has no right to do so and I strongly object. He has no position in the Punjab Government and by law is not authorised to go around doling out state money.

Central Information Secretary also said that if indeed he is using Punjab Government money for politics it amounts to pre election rigging and this is unacceptable. PTI said Shafqat requests the Chief Election Commissioner to take notice of political parties in government, both PPP and PML N, using state resources for their political projection.

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