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Akhtar Mengal is leader of 1 percent Baloch people:APML

Lahore: All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) on Sunday has suggested to Akhtar Mengal that he should not try to pose himself like Shaikh Mujeeb as Akhtar is only leader of 1 percent of even Mengal tribe while Shaikh Mujeeb had the full support of all Bengalis in East Pakistan.

Aasia Ishaque, Central Information Secretary APML said this in a statement issued here from central information secretariat. She said that Akhtar Mengal who had passed his life’s many years in London with enjoying the luxuries and now, he came back to the country with artificial sympathy with Balochs.

She said that Balochistan and Balochs are real Pakistan and how could anybody that has love with the country, would hurt them. Government and other elements are trying to give all of facilities to Balochistan, she added.

Aasia said that only two so-called tribal leaders are crying for the rights of  Balochs while they have mandate of very few people of their tribes even.She said that Akhtar Mengal should come on media and tell the nation that during his tenure of Chief Ministership, what significant work he has done in Balochistan. “It is the black history of two s-called Sardars who had always discouraged all governments which wanted to do “real development in Balochistan”. These tribal leaders always wanted to place all Balochs in the backward situation and blamed over the rulers” Aasia said.

Talking about the leaders who met with Mr. Mengal, Aasia Ishaque said that the nation is well-aware about the real political career of those who are meeting with Akhtar Mengal just to show off the media. She said that Akhtar came to Balochistan just to contest and won the election as he could be made chief minister again and could get major share in the multi-billion budget of the province.

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