Monday , June 25 2018
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PTI condemns denial of visas to foreign journalists

Lahore: and peace activists wanting to cover and participate in the party’s peace march and anti drone rally to South Waziristan. Two international fame journalists Carol Grayson and Abdulhalim Helalihave been refused visa by Pakistan embassy in UK.

The reasons given for refusal include excuses like that Waziristan is a no go area and that PTI cannot guarantee the security of those who it wants to take along. Another excuse is that the clearance for the visas to be granted would take around 2 months. Both the excuses are totally without foundation. PTI has made excellent arrangements for the security of all the participants of the march and if the government wants it can short circuit the process of clearance. It clearly does not want to do so because its entire FATA policy would be exposed.

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