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JI urges government to tide over Balochistan situation

Lahore: has impressed upon the federal government to make serious efforts to tide over the situation in Balochistan, the largest and the richest province of the country.

In a statement here on Friday, he said that the tyranny and the injustice of the federal government had caused deep hatred among the Baloch people, and a situation of revolt had been created there. This had provided the United Nations an excuse to interfere and send a so called delegation to ascertain the situation.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that the Baloch nationalists had given another chance to the government by expressing full confidence in the Supreme Court and the government should avail this opportunity in the best possible manner. He said, the abductions for ransom had become a profitable business in Balochistan but the working of the judicial Commission on the missing persona had been poor. The Supreme Court, he said, had taken a bold stand and expressed the hope that the apex court would take the matter to its logical end.

The JI Ameer said that serious efforts should be made to trace the missing persons, the right of the Balochistan people over the resources of the province must be accepted, gas royalty amounting to Rs. 600 billion should be paid to them and troops should be called to barracks to restore normalcy. He said that as long as declared and undeclared military operations were not stopped, the confidence of the people of Balochsitan could not be won. He said the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti had been a plot against national solidarity, and as long as all those involved including Pervez Musharraf were not arrested, the Baloch people could not be cooled down.

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