Tuesday , December 6 2016
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Human Liberation Commission condemns attack on Bishop Dr.Naeem Samuel

Lahore: Human Liberation Commission Chairman Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra and Director International Affairs Pastor Anwar Javed condemn attack on Chairman of Trinity Evangelical Prayer Assemblies of Pakistan by Islamic extremists in Youhanaabad, Lahore while he was coming from church and demanded that government of Pakistan take serious action against such culprit who are attacking Christian leaders and churches and properties of Christian in the name of Insulting Film against Islam and demolishing peace among Muslim Christian communities in Pakistan.

They said that such elements are following the strategy of cursed Film Maker against Islam instead of serving religion. According to Bishop Sahib, they were three and they said you Christian disgrace our prophet you made that movie against Islam so we will kill you all, bishop remained keep on saying while they were attacking that Christian in Pakistan are such events , we all with Pakistan it strongly but they did not listened and kept striking until He unconscious.

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