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JI Shoora worried over Karachi situation

Lahore: The has expressed deep concern over the crippled law and order in Karachi and demanded stern action against those involved in target killings, extortion, abductions for ransom, etc.

The Shoora, through a resolution, said that the port city had been on fire for the last 26 years and if the Sindh coalition government continued to give priority to its political interests over the Karachi peace, the national economy would suffer irreparable loss. It noted that according to Human Rights reports, more than 12,500 people had fallen victim to target killings in Karachi during the four and a half years of the present government. These included high values targets like local JI leader Dr Pervez Mehmud.

Deploring the fire at a garments factory in Karachi recently causing three hundred deaths, the JI Shoora called for setting up a commission under a Supreme Court judge to probe into the tragedy and deterrent punishment to all those involved. It demanded rupees one million each as compensation for those killed in the fire and treatment of the injured on government expense.

The Shoora deplored that the extortionists were slaughtering the Karachi traders and industrialists as also the common citizens with a blunt weapons as chits demanding Bhatta to the tune of billions were distributed from door to door only during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Shoora called for cleansing Karachi of weapons, removing the black sheep from the police and other law enforcement agencies. In order to ensure peace in the mega city.

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