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West must learn to respect peoples religious beliefs:Imran Khan

Speaking at a peaceful rally organized by Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, Chairman Imran Khan said that West must learn to respect religion. Expressing his deep resentment at the defamatory film about the Holy Prophet (PBUH) he said that it is unfortunate but governments and people in the West neither respect their own religion nor care about the religious beliefs of others. The often sadly ridicule Christianity and have little made it a habit to hurt the feelings of Muslims. Imran Khan said that the only way to counter this is for the Muslim Ummah to act in a concerted fashion and make sure that laws are passed in Western countries that prescribe punishment for those ridiculing religions or religious beliefs of Muslims. He said that the Jews have been able to do that and now in many countries Holocaust denial is a crime. If that can be a crime than why not ridiculing or maligning Islam.

Imran Khan also said that it saddens him to see the reaction of some people in Pakistan who while rightly protesting against this blasphemous and defamatory film have resorted to violence. He said that this ammunition to people in the West who ridicule Muslims. He said the way some people have destroyed public and private property, attacked the police and other law enforcing personnel will only reinforce the image some people have abroad that people in Pakistan are uncivilised. He strongly condemned the violence and the loss of life and urged the government to take adequate measures to ensure protection of public and private property.

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