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Dr accused for theft in Mayo Hospital

Lahore:2 Dermatomes and 1 camera of worth Rs 2million stolen
from Mayo Hospital’s Plastic Surgery Operation theatre. An inquiry
being done in which Controller Examination KEMU is doing an inquiry on involvement of Registrar KEMU in the matter. The staff nurse in-charge in her written statement says “Prof Farid Khan,Registrar KEMU and Head of plastic Surgery, used to take the equipment to his private hospital (Surgimed Hospital) in past and she is unable to comment that who took it last time from theatre “.The three member inquiry committee comprising of Prof. Imtiaz Bajwa(Controller Examination KEMU), AMS Nawab Deen & Budget account Officer Mayo Hospital is infact Probing the matter. Young Doctors Association have shown deep concerns over the transparency of the committee and demanded that Secretary Health Punjab should look into the matter personally.
They said that equipment was missing for two months & despite this inquiry nothing has been recovered. Dr. Kamran Khan, Dr. Khuda Bakhsh, Dr. Muhammad Ali Khawaja, Dr. Qazi Yasir, Dr. Khawar Khan, Dr. Shahid Dreshak,Dr. Ahmed Shoaib, Dr. Saleem Akhter, Dr. Zahid Wazir,Dr. Ammar,Dr. Qamar Zaman,Dr.Zulfiqar Ali, Dr Amir Abbass, Dr. Yasir Rasool,Dr. Mazhar Rafique,Dr. Shahryar Niazi, Dr. Naveed,Dr. Tayeb Mushtaq,Dr. Tayyib Mehmood, Dr. Muhammed Nadeem. Young Doctors Association Mayo Hospital,Lahore.

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