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Future of 40 QAU students in jeopardy

Islamabad: The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Tuesday said the administration of Quaid-e-Azam University has destroyed the future of forty students by ousting them for failing to meet criteria.

The Quaid-e-Azam University, ranked as top educational institution by the HEC, admitted these students in BBA in September 2010 after all tests and ousted them after four semesters in September 2012 by declaring them unfit for studies.

During the two-year stay in university regular and self-finance students collectively paid over 10 million in fees but they were not given attention they deserved which resulted in C grades that paved way for their ineligibility, a delegation of several aggrieved students and their parents told SVP, PEW Abdullah Tariq.

We received the shock of the life when the university informed that their admissions have been cancelled in view of their ineligibility to fulfil the requisite criteria, they said.

Parents and students informed that the business studies department is full of politics while many teachers are inexperienced who are more interested in delivering lectures in private institutions which leave them with no option but to ignore their students in QAU.

Teachers and management had no time for students outside the classroom and there were no arrangement for extra classes during summer vacations which was violation of law.

Frequent transfers of the head of department further deteriorated the situation leaving students on the mercy of fate, they said.

The students and their parents accused the university administration for gross negligence, mismanagement, ignoring responsibilities to deliberate failure to impart proper education and provision of enabling environment, it said.

Abdullah Tariq said that institutions seem more interested in personal welfare than imparting education. Reports of unethical behaviour by educators has become commonplace and QAU is no exception, he added.

He warned that the frustrated students, now running from pillar to post, could opt for any extreme measure for which the administration of the university will be directly responsible.

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