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PTI will transform the lives of the people of Chitral: Imran Khan

Chitral: Addressing a huge public meeting in Chitral, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan said that the rulers had not given any attention to the problems of the people and had instead concentrated on corruption. According to observers this public meeting was the largest in the history of Chitral. Speaking to a charged, Imran Khan said that when he drove through the Lowari Tunnel, he was shocked to see its condition. The roof of the tunnel was leaking and the road flooded. With a little bit of attention, he said, the government could have maintained this national asset and even now if something urgent is not done, it is a tragedy waiting to happen.

Imran Khan told the people of Chitral that PTI’s vision of a new Pakistan would transform their lives as all decisions regarding its problems would be taken right here rather than in Peshawar or Islamabad. This will happen because PTI will devolve real and genuine power to the people through a system of village based local government, which will allow people to take control of their lives. He said the rulers today were interested in hoarding power whereas PTI will transfer it to where people live.

Referring to the troubles and militancy that has engulfed the region, Imran Khan said that Pakistan’s partnership with America in the so called war on terror has been a disaster. Pakistan has suffered horrendously from domestic terrorism as a result with a huge loss of life and destruction of property. Indiscriminate drone strikes by the people have killed thousands of innocent men women and children. Pakistan should stand with its own people and quit this lopsided and self defeating partnership. To express solidarity with the people of the tribal areas and protest against drone strikes, Imran Khan said that PTI will be going to Waziristan on October 7th.

In the end he expressed outrage at a defamatory film about our holy prophet (PBUH) produced in the United States. He said that we should not allow the western governments to get away with the excuse that nothing can be done because they believe in freedom of expression. He said that this defamatory film is a hate crime and should be treated as such.

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