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Imran Khan condemns defamatory film

Lahore : Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has condemned the weak response of the Zardari government that has not taken up the issue of the with the US government. He said that this scurrilous film that defames the holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has angered the entire Muslim Ummah and it is incumbent upon the American government to proceed against these people spreading hate. Chairman Tehreek e Insaf said that hate crimes are a punishable offence in the United States but, why is this law only applied to overt acts of violence? This particular defamatory film is itself a violent and hateful crime against the religion of Islam and the US government cannot hide behind the freedom of expression excuse.

It gets away with these lame expressions because the governments in the Muslim world only express weak and tepid outrage that is not reflective of the sentiments of their people. Imran Khan said that the Zardari regime should immediately raise this issue with the American Government and ensure that this hate crime is not papered over by excuses that are not tenable even under American laws.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan further said that it is time that Muslim Ummah takes joint action to ensure that acts designed to defame Islam and its message of peace are not allowed to go unpunished. This is only possible if the Organization of Islamic Countries takes a common and resolute stand that the Muslim Ummah would not tolerate defamation against Islam or the holy prophet (PBUH). It also needs to be stated from that common platform, said Chairman PTI, that all such acts are hate crimes and it is incumbents upon governments to take legal action wherever they take place. If this concerted action is missing, said Imran, the Western governments will continue to hide behind fake freedom of expression excused.

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