Thursday , July 19 2018
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Hurting of religious sentiments is violation of human rights: Kamran Michael

Lahore: Chairman Protection Committee for minorities’ properties Kamran Michael has said that we consider hurting of religious sentiments of anyone at any level as mischievous and violation of human rights and demand deterrent punishment to those persons involved in this heinous act irrespective of their country or religion.

In a statement here today, Kamran Michael said that we, as Pakistani minority citizens strongly condemn the nefarious conspiracy of hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims by some mischievous elements of America and demand international court of justice to immediately investigate the incident causing religious hatred and award immediate punishment to the persons responsible for it as per law.

Kamran Michael said that those living in any civilized society respect the sentiments and rights of others. He said that there is complete religious harmony among the followers of all religions residing in Pakistan and whenever some mischievous element try to disrupt peace in the society under the garb of religion we fight it with unity. He said that the sole aim of this conspiracy being hatched in the name of religion is to sabotage the efforts being made for interfaith harmony. Kamran Michael said that he express solidarity with the Muslim brethren whose sentiments were hurt by some elements and demand American government to immediately take notice of this issue.

Kamran Michael said that such attempts were also made in the past so that a gulf could be created among the followers of various religions and reiterated that we will foil this nefarious conspiracy like before. Kamran Michael said that he as an elected representative of Christians and other minorities raises his voice against those spreading religious hatred and is standing shoulder to shoulder with the Muslim brethren in protest. He further said that we also demand international courts to conduct fair inquiry into this incident and those involved in this heinous conspiracy should be taken to task.

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