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UN team to make case against Pakistan: Baig Raj

The Punjab Forum on Wednesday said the arrival of United Nations working group on enforced or involuntary disappearances to evaluate the case of missing persons is a conspiracy to dismember Pakistan.

This is a plot to defame security forces, make case against FC and ISI, increase international pressure on country, support Indian propaganda against Pakistan, and to boost stance of terrorists in Balochistan, it said.

Actually, the hidden agenda of UN team is to make a case against Pakistan, trigger insurgency in Balochistan and pave way for UNSC resolution supporting terrorists, said Baig Raj, President Punjab Forum while speaking at a hurriedly called meeting.

He said that the UN team has arrived to internationalise Balochistan issue but the government is trying to deceive people by saying that the scope of UN probe is stretched across the country.

He said that our foreign ministry is serving purpose of foreigners which must be asked as to who took the decision to allow UN team to visit Pakistan and what are the motives behind granting permission.

Spy agencies should launch a probe to uncover the perpetrators of the conspiracy and courts should award exemplary punishments to the traitors, he demanded.

Baig Raj said that UN Commission on Human Rights is nothing but a US foreign policy tool which has remained unconcerned about atrocities against Muslims in India, Burma, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The UN team should also probe ferrari camps, terrorist training camps in Afghanistan, meet the heirs of thousands of settlers killed in Balochistan and those killed in drone attacks, he demanded.

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