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Dengue is in control yet:Dr Saeed Elahi

Lahore: Parliamentary Secretary on Health Dr. Saeed Elahi has said that, as a result of effective and continuous effort of government as well as people, the dengue virus, which has spread last year in a virulent form, has been fully controlled during the current year, due to which, as compared to the thousands of cases of dengue affectees during last year, the current dengue cases of about 50 to 60 patients are almost negligible. He said that most effective weapon against dengue is public awareness, through which this menace can only be effectively controlled.

He stated this while addressing a public awareness seminar on dengue in Government Islamia College for Women, Cooper Road, here today. Dengue Expert Clinician, Dr. Ghayas ul Hussan, Faculty Member and a large number students were present in the seminar. Dr. Saeed Elahi said that Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif had accepted the challenge against dengue, and he had astonished international experts by controlling the worst dengue epidemic by taking effective measures. He further said that it was the result of the decisions taken by Chief Minister Punjab on war-footing basis that dengue is fully controlled this year. He further said that Chief Minister Punjab has sent doctors, health managers and entomologists abroad for training and launched an effective and continuous public awareness campaign which had made people of Punjab a front line against dengue. Dr. Saeed Elahi disclosed that elimination of dengue is not possible and no country in the world, where this disease once entered, had been eliminated. But effective control is possible by evolving a successful strategy and taking effectual steps. He lauded services of print and electronic media in creating awareness among the masses against dengue.

Dr. Ghayas ul Hassan, while addressing the seminar, said that only cleanliness and drying the stagnant water in and around the houses, one can stop dengue mosquito breeding. He said that elimination of breeding sites is the most important factor in controlling dengue epidemic. He said that we should adopt the slogan of prevention is better than cure. Dr. Ghayas ul Hassan, further said that full community participation is a must for controlling dengue disease. Principal Prof. Farzana Shaheen lauded the services of students of her college and said that students have played a pivotal role in creating awareness and spreading information regarding preventive measures against dengue. She said that several seminars have been organized in the college for this purpose.

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