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No facility for burn patient in Lahore: YDA Pakistan

Lahore: YDA Pakistan has said that there is no facilities for Burn patients exist in Lahore .The Young Drs said that there is an 11
bedded burn Unit in Mayo Hospital and a 4 bedded Burn Unit at Ganga
ram hospital which also lack facilities .

YDA Pakistan general secratary Dr Salman Kazmi claimed that the Burn Unit at Jinnah Hospital could not be completed in last 4 years and now Govt instead of completing it has shifted the funds of project into bus transit system . The pts of burn are kept with patients of surgery in general wards .

Death rate of patients is very high and doctors cant help it as the
required modalities are not being provided by the govt . Wish govt
realizes that a Bus is less important than a Burn Unit,Dr Salman added.

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