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Inefficient rulers of Punjab have again drowned poor people

Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League Punjab General Secretary and Parliamentary leader in the Provincial Assembly Ch Zaheeruddin Khan has expressed heartfelt sorrow and grief on behalf of the PML over the massive devastation caused by floods in Dera Ghazi Khan, Taunsa, Rajanpur, Kashmoor and other areas of South Punjab and said that inefficient rulers of the province have once again drowned poor people of these backward areas.
In a statement issued here today, Ch Zaheeruddin Khan said that according to the reports reaching here major reason for such massive devastation in the villages as well as urban areas was that no preventive measures were taken by the Provincial Government in advance though the Metrological Department had already warned so many times about heavy rains.
Ch Zaheeruddin Khan said that the government machinery in order to cover up its inefficiency, mismanagement and lethargic attitude is giving more publicity to the breaches in the D. G. Khan Canal that these breaches had caused the massive devastation.
He has demanded high level judicial inquiry be held into these breaches so that it is established that like in the past, this time also these breaches have been caused to save which government personalities’ crops.
He demanded of the Provincial Government that practical steps should be taken immediately in order to prevent further devastation and instead of merely rendering lip service relief and assistance be provided to the flood affected people in these areas.
Ch Zaheeruddin Khan said that Punjab Government is habitual of first worsening the situation and then calling in the Army for assistance. He said that the Provincial Government cannot brush aside its responsibilities in this manner as this is an open admission of its failure and inefficiency. He said the Army undoubtedly can play an important role in the evacuation and helping flood affected people but taking preventive precautionary measures and providing relief and rehabilitation of the affected people is basically the responsibility of the civil administration.

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