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Rana Sana gives detail reply to Imran Khan

Lahore: Provincial Minister for Law, Rana Sanaullah has said that Imran Khan has lost his senses due to the unsuccessful public meeting in Rawalpindi and leveling of accusations against Punjab government is result of this mental condition.

In a statement, here today, Rana Sanaullah said that there is authentic information that the leadership of PPP got prepared these baseless allegations against Punjab government in Federal Information Department which, were handed over to Imran Khan for reading in a press conference. He said that Imran Khan has made the PTI as defense line of PPP otherwise he would not have made futile efforts of mudslinging against the excellent record of Punjab government regarding transparency, good governance and public welfare projects as compared to other provinces of the country. Rana Sanaullah asked Imran Khan to see the reality on the basis of facts and figures being presented by him. He said that Imran Khan has criticized the project of public transport in Punjab. He said that those travelling in chartered planes have no interest in the transport problems of the people. He said that metro bus system comprised of nine packages, out of which, eight packages were awarded through open tenders while one package has been given to NLC keeping in view the demands of complete transparency. He said that we will not allow Imran Khan to flee and he will have to give proof of allegations leveled against these contracts, otherwise he will have to quit politics. Contrary to the allegations of Imran Khan, designing and feasibility of metro bus project has been prepared at most professional level and the assistance of the designers of internationally recognized brotherly country Turkey was also sought. Rana Sanaullah said that Imran Khan has told a lie that 73 billion rupees have been spent on this project while, in fact, the total cost of the project is Rs.26 billion. He said that Sindh government is constructing circular transport in Karachi at a cost of Rs.225 billion but Imran Khan criticizes only public welfare projects of Punjab government. He said that not a single penny of health or education sector was spent on this project.

So far as the law and order situation is concerned, Rana Sanaullah said that why Imran Khan who remains silent over the target killing and massacre of innocent Pakistanis in Sindh, Balochistan and other parts of the country is targeting Punjab which clearly shows that to whose language he is using. According to the facts and figures, the number of crime including theft, kidnapping for ransom, dacoity have reduced considerably as compared to last year. He said that only the number of incidents of kidnapping for ransom has reduced 32%. Law Minister said that regarding generation of energy, Imran Khan is also singing the song composed by Zardari and the federal government. Rana Sanaullah claimed that Imran Khan has never bothered to read the constitution. He said that there is no such clause in 18th amendment which relates to the production of electricity by the provinces.

Describing the statement of Imran Khan as a bundle of lie, Rana Sanaullah said that he has told another lie that Rs. 180 billion has increased in the loans of Punjab government. He said an ordinary student of economics knows that the volume of loans of the provinces is determined with the ratio of gross regional product (GRP) and it is a fact that this ratio has reduced during the government of Shahbaz Sharif. That is why in a recent report of World Bank based on the analysis of loans taken by the provinces, it has been stated that despite different economic pressure, Punjab has efficiently maintained the management of loans in its control. Punjab government is maintaining best financial discipline and its cash balance is positive at the end of every month since January 2011, he added. He said that perhaps Imran Khan is worried by knowing that at the end of financial year 2011-12, this balance was positive and its amount was 2.5 billion rupees. Rana Sanaullah further said people of Punjab are right to say that why Zardari and its crony looters who have ruined the country are deprived of the attention of Imran Khan leveling baseless allegations against Punjab and Punjab government.

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