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PTI support stike call in Sindh by nationalist parties

Lahore : Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Vice Chairman, Shah Mahmood Qureshi,in a press conference held in the Central Media Cell, stated that PTI rejects the Local Government Ordinance 2012 passed by the Sindh government. the press conference was also attended by PTI Central Information Secretary

He said that this Ordinance has laid the foundations for administrative and political divide within Sindh as had all the members of the Assembly been united on the issue, there would be no problem getting the bill passed through consensus. The ruling government in Sindh with their allies MQM, have taken the shortcut.
PTI will support the protest against this Ordinance and will join in with the Sindh Bachao Committee scheduled to take place on 13th Sept.PTI Sindh President Nadir Laghari is contact with all parties opposing this Ordinance will be leading the party in the strike with a large number of PTI members and workers.
PTI is in favour of bridging the gap between urban and rural Sindh and we feel that there should be a uniform administrative system throughout Sindh. PTI fears that this administrative divide might prove to be the root cause that will lead to the agenda for separation of Sindh.
Quershi said that it was to be noted that PPP is initiating this step at the tail end of its tenure in government and without taking all stake holders on board. He said that the Local Government elections are just an excuse to postpone the general elections.

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