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Government to re-introduce Pervez Musharraf’s local government system :Aasia Ishaq

Lahore: Keeping in view recent political crisis due to promulgation of new local government ordinance in Sindh, APML has suggested the 2001, in all provinces, if they are really willing for the resolution of people’s problems at their doorsteps”.

Aasia Ishaque, Central Secretary Information APML on Saturday has presented this suggestion to government in a statement issued here from Central Secretariat of APML.

She said that Pervez Musharraf had introduced a problem-solving local government system in 2001, which was accepted by all the provinces simultaneously. “This local government system was run successfully and people who represented the grass levels had served the common people”, she added.

APML central leader said that elected people had been given the full opportunity to bring change in the lives of their voters and they had proved this too.
She further said that Local Government System 2001 was very handy and represented by people from grass root level. This system was working on permanent basis but discontinued just because of some minor political oppositions.

“The performance of this system was outstanding where the work was carried out under a good will and good gesture but the malpractices did bring criticism on the system”, Aasia lauded.
Aasia Ishaque said that all political, religious and other forces were satisfied with this LG system and there was no opposition by any party at that time.

She said that this government has not the efficiency of resolve the problems of common people so that they should adopt the laws, policies and rules of Pervez Musharraf”s golden period.

In the last, she asked government to re-introduce local government system 2001, in all over the country to avert from political crisis and common people would get benefits from this as well.

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