Tuesday , June 19 2018
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Paramedics threat to shut the Services Hospital

Lahore: Para medical staff of services hospital has said if any of their colleague committed suicide, the MS would be responsible for it. In a statement issued to media here, action committee president Yosaf Billa said that hospital administration has stopped the salaries of 8 staff members without any reason.

They are forced to live in misery and may commit suicide to get rid of their problems. If it would happen the MS and the other people of the administration would be responsible for their death.
Yosaf Billa blamed that hospital administration has completely failed to resolve the problems of the patients. X-ray machines in outdoor wards were out of order since long .the women who came here for Ultrasound, have to go back without test daily but administration did not take notice of it. He warned that if their demands were not fulfilled they would have shut the hospital .

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