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Iranian leadership committed treachery by lending support to murderer Bashar

Today a delegation from Hizb ut-Tahrir delivered an open letter for Iranian leadership from Hizb ut-Tahrir wiliayaPakistan to Iranian mission in Lahore.

This letter was written against lending support to Bashar Al-Asad, the murderer of Syrian people and an enemy of Allah and His Messenger (s.a.w) from Iranian leadership. This letter condemned the act of Iranian leadership that they have supported an American agent Bashar, sending Iranian soldiers to Syria to fight against Syrian people and killing of Syrian Muslims by Iranian Revolutionary Guards along with the most notorious “Shabiha” militia. In the letter it was asked from the Iranian leadership that how could they send Muslim soldiers of Iran to support Bashar while he and his family has been ruling according to Kufar laws for decades and on the other hand there are those Syrian Muslims who stood up against this tyrant ruler so that Islamic system should be implemented and the Muslims will be united under a single state to fight against America.

So does the Iranian leadership not want to end Kufar system in Syria and the establishment of Islamic system of KHILAFAH? Furthermore the letter said that by supporting Bashar’s regime Iranian leadership has increased the list of their treachery against Allah, His Messenger (s.a.w), the Imams of the believers and their followers similar to their earlier treachery when they stood on American side while the Muslims of Iraq andAfghanistan were slaughtered and their land was being occupied by crusader armies. It is said in the letter that by Allah’s will Khilafah is soon going to be established and it will end their rule based on Kufar laws and will punish them along other traitor Muslim rulers.

The letter stated that the anger of Iranian Muslims against their rule is as high as their brothers anger against their traitor rulers in the Arab world, therefore very soon Iranian Muslims will seize them from their necks as their brothers seized their rulers in the Arab world. In the end Iranian leadership was advised to revert their decisions back although its chances are very slim.

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