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Imran Khan issues a “Legal Notice” to Khawaja Asif for defamation

Lahore: Chairman Imran Khan, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf through his lawyer Salman Raja has issued a Legal Notice to Khawaja Asif for the defamation of his Character through false allegations on major media outlets on August 1, 2012. According to the notice Khawaja Asif is legally liable for each instance of the publication, republication, broadcast, re-broadcast, receipt communication and reporting of the defamatory material uttered along with false allegations. The other important items in the legal notice to Khawaja Asif are:

You have purposely made insidious remarks on Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust alleging that its Chairman Imran Khan has indulged in money laundering.

You have insidiously alleged misuse of the Endowment Fund of the Shaukat Khanum Hospital to discredit the integrity and transparency of affairs at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust.

You have incited and induced the public at large all over Pakistan and the rest of the world to not make any donations to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust. By this action you have caused harm to not only this national institution but also the poor and indigent patients who rely upon the financial sustenance of Zakat donations for their treatment.
The legal notice goes on to add that given the eminent public standing Mr. Imran Khan enjoys as the founder and chairman of the Board of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust and a political leader in whom a growing number of Pakistanis have immense faith, you have tried to cause harm to his impeccable reputation.

The legal notice to Khawaja Asif demands an unconditional apology and payment of damages to the tune of ten billion for the defamation caused in Pakistan and around the world by these scurrilous allegations.

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