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N-League should join NC for new provinces: Samsam Bukhari

Lahore: State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Syed Sumsam Ali Bukhari has said that PML-N should raise its demands after joining the national commission for new provinces.

Talking to reporters after attending a seminar on “Growing Use
of Social Media -Impact and Possibilities” organised by Hameed
Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan at its auditorium here on
Friday, he said the commission was formed after the adoption of PML-N resolution in favour of new provinces by the Punjab Assembly.

He said the PPP would welcome the PML-N whenever it gave
the names of nominees for the commission and it would be
discussed in the commission whether it wanted referendum or
any other option for new provinces. He said it was the right of residents of the area to decide whether they wanted a separate province or not and the decision should be taken according to the will of the masses.

To a question about code of conduct for the media, he
said the government wanted to make a code and it already had
demanded suggestions, but it was responsibility of the media to
give suggestions for the code of conduct.Responding a question about wage award for media workers,he said the government was with journalists.

Earlier, addressing the seminar, the state minister said
use of social media in society needed to be corrected
and it should be positive.

He said the Pakistani society was a developing one
and it should not copy the other societies, adding the media
should work within the limits of social and religious ethics.

He urged the media to encourage people to use Internet
and mobile phones for knowledge.

He said social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Bebo
and others had disconnected children from parents and
urged parents to keep an eye on activities of their

The minister said the role of social media was needed
to be improved. He said Islam has given respect to women
and it does not stop them to seek knowledge, but mobile and media
has adversely effected the honour of women, so there should be check
and balance for the usage of mobile phones, Internet and
social media.

Former information secretary PTI Umar Sarfraz Cheema and
renown educationist and journalist Adeeb Jawdani also addressed
the seminar.

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