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Ch Nisar Ali Khan is a corrupt politician :Gulam Sarwar Khan

Lahore:Former Federal Minister and leader of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Gulam Sarwar Khan has challenged Ch. Nisar of PML-N by putting eleven questions relating to his income and assets, in a press conference held at Central Secretariat of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf in Islamabad.
Sarwar Khan said that the lavish life style of Ch. Nisar is not justified by his known means of income. Ch. Nisar made baseless and false allegations against Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf while his own corruption stories are known to everyone.

He rides new vehicles and frequently goes abroad on foreign tours and for medical treatment but he needs to tell the nation from where he gets the resources for all these expenditures. I know this toady of Nawaz Sharif since 1979 and If I go into a little detail, Ch Nisar will not be able to face anyone.

Imran Khan posed eleven questions to Nawaz Sharif but he seems to have no answers to those questions. But Ch. Nisar should have the courage to answer the eleven questions on his corruption. 1. What is the source of Income of Ch. Nisar? 2. What are the details of Ch. Nisar’s assets , income and expenditures? 3. Why has Ch. Nisar not declared his true income, expenditure, tax details and assets so far despite the fact that he remained MNA for 7 years and remained Petroleum Minister for four times? 4. Ch. Nisar did not own any urban property before 1996 but the list of his urban properties is increasing since 2002, from where he got the resources? 5. Ch. Nisar seems to be a very poor man according to the assets and tax returns he has shown, how does he finance his election campaigns worth tens of millions. 6. How does Ch. Nisar finance the foreign education of his children? 7. From where Ch.Nisar finance his foreign trips to London, US and Europe during summer and his frequent medical treatments abroad? 8. What are the services of Ch. Nisar for US that Wiki leaks declared him well wisher of US? 9. Why does Ch. Nisar always become petroleum minister? What are his qualifications for that ministry? 10. Why does his blue eyed patwaris, police officers and SHOs are appointed in Rawalpindi? 11. From where Ch. Nisar got the money to purchase a benamihouse in Honslo (London) in the name of his Achisonion friend which later on was transferred in the name of another of his friends?

Ch. Nisar also showed the inherited property of his brothers and sisters as his own. I invite Ch. Nisar to take me to the Court if I have made any false allegations against him. He was accompanied by Ahmed Jawad, Deputy Secretary Information and other party

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