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Shahbaz Sharif is master of flop projects:Ch Zaheer ud Din

Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Parliamentary Leader in the Punjab Ch Zaheeruddin Khan has said that Provincial Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is master of flop projects and he cannot name even just one project like mega projects and historical plans of public welfare given by Ch Parvez Elahi during his tenure.
Commenting on the false claims made by the so-called “Khadam-e-A’ala” about progress and development in Punjab here today, Ch Zaheeruddin Khan said remarks of superior judiciary and hue and cry of the electronic and print media about inefficiency, high handedness and mismanagement in different cases are ample proof of “performance” of the present rulers of the province. He said before talking about health, education and other fields, the Chief Minister must have a look at his performance as he cannot mislead the people with his wrong and false claims. He said there is no rule of law as such in the province and corruption, indiscipline and lawlessness are on their peak.
He said that the students who got free books during our tenure cannot even get text books on payment and they are running around for the textbooks which have not even yet been published. He said patients are expiring in hospitals due to lack of health care facilities and spurious drugs.
Ch Zaheeruddin Khan further said that a number of projects when Ch Parvez Elahi was the Chief Minister of the province were under implementation and work on these was continuing speedily but Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif after assuming power in the Punjab stopped work on all these projects of public importance and welfare and these are now fast decaying. He asked which district of the province do not have broken roads, deserted schools and hospitals sans basic amenities and giving ample proof of their ineffective and inefficient administration.
Continuing, the PML leader asked the present ruler of the province that instead of making false claims about progress and development he should name his just one scheme which has not failed and in which billions of rupees corruption and loot has not been reported.
Ch Zaheeruddin Khan further said that the failed Chief Minister should first have a look at the hundreds of murders, dacoities, abduction for ransom and forcible extraction of money being committed daily and at the roads broken immediately after their construction and bridges constructed during his tenure which can collapse any time due to ill-planning and use of subs-standard material before making any false claims about progress and development. He said because of loss of precious human lives, people are afraid are passing through from over and under these bridges.

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