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Police is delaying investigation on govt pressure: YDA Pakistan

Lahore: Punjab Govt. is pressurizing the Punjab Police not to do the
investigation of the illegal 302 case of alleged negligence of doctors
of Mayo Hospital on merit. The Police has been directed by the govt.
to state in front of the high court and session court that the
investigation of the case is still incomplete.
The autopsy report of the child Fahad shows that it is a natural death
and doctors on duty have also given on oath statements that the child
was a case of heart failure and his liver size had increased by 6cm,
the heart size was also increased, there was water in his both lungs
and he could not survive despite a team effort of 6 hours. There was
no negligence on part of doctors and no drip was removed. But still
the police is unable to finish the investigation in last 48 days as
the govt. and prosecution department has directed them to delay the
matter in the court of law and police officials are helpless on the
pressure of the govt.
The Young Doctors said that this case could not be registered on the
first instance in the presence of health care commission and it was
Young Doctors Association Pakistan office bearers bearers Dr. Rana
Sohail, Dr. Talha Sherwani, Dr. Ghulam Qasim, Dr. Murtaza Bloch, Dr.
Muhammad Khawar Khan, Dr. Shahid Dreshik, Dr. Waqas Gondal, Dr.
Shehzad, Dr. Asim, Dr. Shams, Dr. Muhammad Azhar and Dr. Muhammad
Amjad have appealed to the Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan to
take suo moto notice of the matter

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