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Javaid Hashmi lashes sharif’s in Lahore

Lahore: President Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf Javaid Hashmi has said that Imran Khan does not have any fear of death so he will lead peace march to Waziristan next month.The leadership of PTI set new trends in politics by declaring their assets,other parties leaders should this precedent .

While talking to media at the Eid Milan party ,given by Ijaz Ch at Ichra,Javaid Hashmi said they will face victimizing policies of N-League and will not leave the country.The Nation knows the past of N-League and PPP’s leadership.When he starts speak truth about Sharif brothers,they will left Lahore.I know who has ,how much courage in PML-N.When Pervaiz Musharraf took over the government,people like Khawaja Asif,Ahsan Iqbal left the country ,and lived in Dubai on self exile,while he was in prison with family members,he added.
He said that Shahbaz Sharif is doing drama on the name of protest against loadshedding as playing fan with hands ,is not a solution of loadshedding.He predicted that corrupt leaders will soon fly from Pakistan to save their lives
He said In Shahbaz Sharif ‘s four and half years rule only his brothers in laws increased as he done uncountable marriages

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