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Shahbaz Sharif should work instead of photo sessions : Kamil Ali Agha

Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League Central Information Secretary Senator Kamil Ali Agha has said that Shahbaz Sharif instead of having photo sessions with position holder labourer Muhammad Mohsin should payment attention to the deteriorating conditions of the govt. schools in the province because he has utilized funds of the govt. schools of the poor on the Daanish Schools and closed down thousands of govt. schools as a result of which future of poor children of these areas has become dark.

In a statement issued here today, Senator Kamil Ali Agha said that top position holder in the Punjab University Muhammad Mohsin, who hails from a suburb village of Hafizabad, had studied in these very govt. schools and thus proved Daanish Schools’ policy to be a big failure. He said the Chief Minister is now having photo session every other day with the same student of the govt. school in order to making a failed attempt to hide his humiliation in this regard.

He said that ignoring the govt. schools policy is absolutely wrong and enmity of the nation and the poor. Continuing, Kamil Ali Agha said that Mohammad Mohsin like lakhs of girls and boys students had done his primary and matric from these govt. schools of his area where as the Chief Minister Ch Parvez Elahi had arranged distribution of free books, scholarships and other facilities under the Pardha Likha Punjab Programme but Shahbaz Sharif after becoming the Chief Minister had washed out all this good work. He said that Mohammad Mohsin had secured diploma after matric also from Swedish Pak Institute which is a govt. institution for technical education.

Kamil Ali Agha said that after studying in govt. primary, middle and high schools, Mohammad Mohsin and other girls and boys securing top positions in the boards and universities had failed the Daanish Schools policy of the present Chief Minister who should use his wisdom in his personal matters and for his personal ego and false reputation stop making the govt. schools his victim and thus not to destroy education in the province because these are educational institutions where children of the poor and common men study and start practical life for the better future of their own as well as the nation and the country.

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