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Researcher could bring green revolution in the country:Rana Sana

Faisalabad: Provincial Minister for Law, Rana Sanaullah Khan has assured the research scholars associated with Ayub Agriculture Research Institute (AARI) Faisalabad that 4-tier system of service structure for the scholars performing agricultural research will be accorded within a month as the Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has summoned a proper summary in this regard from the administrative secretary of agriculture department of the province.

Addressing the research scholars at Aftaar Dinner in Ayub Agriculture
Research Institute Faisalabad, Rana Sanaullah Khan acknowledged the
role of this prime research institute of the country which succeeded
to bring green revolution in Pakistan with evolving more than 420 new
varieties of hybrid seeds of various cash crops having more yield and
more resistance to different viral diseases and pest attacks. The
Minister gave an assurance to the research scholars to compensate them
on priority basis, in terms of better service structure in view of
their invaluable services to the nation.
Earlier, Director General (Research), Dr. Noorul Islam while giving a
briefing to the Minister on this occasion, disclosed that a record
production of wheat has been yielded in the successive four years
while 12 million bales of cotton yielded this year is also a record in
the history of Pakistan. He said that the research scholars in the
field of agronomy and plant breeding should be given credit to resolve
food security issues of Pakistan. If the hybrid varieties of wheat
like “Inqlab” and “Sehar” had not been introduced by AARI, Pakistani
nation could not have achieved autarky and self-sufficiency in food
and agriculture which is the main reason for our existence in the
comity of nations as a respectable country. Our Amber colored wheat
has maximum content of gluten all over the world and Pakistan can
capture the markets of Middle East particularly that of Iran by
focusing on value addition of the wheat product, he added. The
Director General informed the Minister that AARI had been successful
to introduce 54 new varieties of seeds pertaining to various crops
during the last four years which has resulted into prosperity of small
farmers all over the province of Punjab while the owners of small
units of sugar crushers have become “Sugar Tycoons” only because of
our research achievements in improving the yield of sugarcane in the
recent years. The yield of Acetic Fruits has been enhanced to such an
extent that more than 250 units of Kino processing are working day and
night in Sargodha to preserve the extra production of Kino for export
purposes. He disclosed that as compared to 1947 when Pakistan came
into existence, the agricultural scientists have succeeded to enhance
the wheat production up to 700 per cent while the production of
sugarcane has become eight times as compared to that of 1947 and the
production of quality rice has increased up to 1200 per cent during
the last 65 years. Dr. Noorul Islam suggested the Minister to advocate
the creation of larger cultivation units in the province on the basis
of cooperative movement so that the cultivators could be enabled to
make maximum use of research work of AARI and the government could
materialize the supply of agricultural inputs on subsidized rates to
the actual cultivators to make Pakistan a glowing example of success
all over the world.

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