Tuesday , June 19 2018
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A mother killed with her three years old child

Lahore: A mother with her child brutally murdered in the new anarkali area today in the morning. According to police sources the wife of mayo hospital clerk Nasir was at home with her 3 years old child, her three children had gone to tuition centre when unidentified armed person entered the home and shot her dead while the three year old kid was ruthlessly slaughtered and left the scene. Police have sent the bodies to city morgue and doing the investigation.
When Nasir came to home he saw that his wife shazia and son blood wetted bodies were lying there. He informed the police about this crime who after inspecting crime scene and brief question answer session, took him into custody.
While talking to media sp city Multan khan said that Nasir statements were dubious, so we would register the case on the statement of deceased‘s brother. Further investigation is underway and soon culprit would face the punishment of his crime, he added

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