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PTI,MQM could not agree on RTC

Lahore: A delegation from MQM comprising Dr Farooq Sattar, Raza Haroon, Wasay Jalil and Iftikhar Randhawam, on their request, met PTI delegation comprising Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi, President Javed Hashmi and Andleeb Abbas Information Secretary Punjab at the PTI office in Lahore.

Both the delegations exchanged views on the current situation in the country in a frank, open and candid manner. Dr Sattar conveyed the message of their leader concerning the internal and external dangers confronting the country and the need for all parties to sit together and find solutions that can save the country from this quagmire. He expressed his special concerns on the conditions of the economy, energy and Baluchistan.

JavedHashmi from PTI stated that dialogue with all political parties was an essential part of the democratic process and it must continue with parties within and outside the parliament. Shah Mahmood Qureshi also welcomed this process of reaching out to all parties for a national agenda but expressed serious reservations on the key issues in the country and government’s sincerity in solving them. He said that he was glad to know MQM had expressed those very concerns that PTI Chairman Imran Khan had been voicing for many years. He particularly pointed out the grave situation of missing persons, Hazara killings in Baluchistan and asked the MQM delegation to put pressure on the government to take it seriously.

Other issues under discussion were the independence of judiciary and the highly defamatory remarks of Faisal Raza Abidi. Shah Mahmood Qureshi also pointed out the recent remarks of Raza Rabbani on the rollback of 18th amendment as an alarming disrespect of constitution by the present government. The PTI delegation requested the MQM delegation to ensure participation of all parties in the selection of the caretaker government to ensure fair and free election.
The PTI delegation concluded the meeting by saying they will convey the discussions to their apex decision making body.

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