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PPP transforms politics into self-service:Nawaz Sharif

Lahore: President Pakistan Muslim League-N, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that politics has certain norms and guiding principles and it is another name for serving the people and the country, but Peoples Party and its allies have transformed politics into an act of self-service. He said nothing has been done to end price-hike, unemployment and loadshedding and other such serious issues, due to which people today are highly perturbed whereas the cycle of economy has stopped moving. He said that people, in the forthcoming elections will reject those who have been engaged in the politics of self-service and corruption, during the last four and a half years.

He expressed these views, while talking to the office-bearers and workers of Pakistan Muslim League-N, District Gujrat, in Lahore today. Those who met Muhammad Nawaz Sharif included: Raja Ashfaq Sarwar, Malik Hanif Awan, Jaffar Iqbal, Farukh Majeed, Col. Parwaz, Tanvir Gondal, Malik Jameel MNA, Syed Noor Hassan Shah, Ch. Raza Mutta, and Haji Nasir, who assured him that they would work day and night to further strengthen Pakistan Muslim League-N.
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that progress and prosperity of Pakistan is the manifesto and mission of Pakistan Muslim League-N which, Insha-Allah, will be achieved. He said that strength of PML-N is the strength of Pakistan. He said PML-N was given two half eras of governance, but despite that, the whole world is witness to its unprecedented performance and national service.

He said we have served the nation in a commendable manner, and, if Allah provided us another opportunity, we would again commence our journey towards progress and prosperity from the point where it was cut short by undemocratic forces. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said Peoples Party has come into power for the fifth time but resolving national issues has never been its agenda. He said if the government of Peoples Party really wanted, the problem of loadshedding would have been resolved, but the attention of Peoples Party remained focused on corruption and confrontation with judiciary. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that, instead of controlling loadshedding, the government of Peoples Party has aggravated it even further. He emphasized that there is a contradiction between the words and deeds of these politicians, but people would never believe in their false promises, in the forthcoming general elections, and neither would they be deceived by those who are selling false dreams of so-called change.

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